Are you a non-frequent writer? Are you a writer seeking to be discovered? Or are you seeking to have your articles featured on We have created this platform as the perfect solution.

Lifegiva Community Page is a platform for;

  1. Non frequent writers
  2. Writers seeking to be discovered
  3. Writers seeking to have their articles featured on share their write-ups.

Every writer will join the platform by a one time sign up, while visitors and readers don’t need to sign up but when commenting might be required to use their social media account or email address.

Each writer will have a profile page stating their bio, picture, etc and activity page where their writing, comment and interaction with other writers and write-ups are recorded.

Every article will have like and comment features.



  • Article of the Week will be featured on and further promoted to reach more audience. Article of the week will be decided both by admin pick and huge audience interaction.
  • Authors whose article makes article of the week 4 times are adopted as full Lifegiva contributor.
  • The community page will become a major scouting space for content for Lifegiva Radio
  • Writers with excellent skill will be offered (or linked) to profitable writing opportunities.
  • Every member has a unique link to their page (e.g.


The Community page will be divided into the following categories;
  • Faith
  • Lifestyle
  • Stories (Fiction & Non-Fiction)
  • Review (Music, Movies, Book…)
  • Poetry
  • Love Talk (Relationship Marriage)
  • And including, anything and everything you have to share!!!

All articles should be based on these aspect of life.

  • Faith
  • Lifestyle
  • Personal Experience


  • As much as there is liberality in what could be shared on the community page, every article will undergo admin screening and approval before it appears on the page. This approval process will be between 2-5 days the article is submitted.
  • Every writer that becomes inactive for a period of 6 months gets deleted from the community page and would have to re-sign up or write to admin to reactivate their profile.



  1. All articles must be an original work
  2. Articles with profane and curse words will not be approved.
  3. Articles with principles not consistent with the word of God will not be approved
  4. All articles must be properly formatted and thoroughly checked for any grammatical errors.


  1. REGISTER here; (Having trouble registering, visit here; )
  2. Activate your account – A request for you to authenticate your account will be sent to your mail.
  3. If you are familiar with blogging or WordPress; proceed to the dashboard HERE,  Here you will find all your menu, Click on Posts; Add New, to post your first article.  But if you are not familiar with the dashboard. Send you articles to 
  4. Happy Blogging!

For any enquiries, questions or complaints, Kindly send an email to or call – +234 816 870 1083, +234 0703 331 3864